Men all over the world would like to know how to get a toned body like Brad Pitt gets   in his movies Troy and Fight Club

So just what is the Brad Pitt workout and why would other men be interested in finding out? For one thing women everywhere often comment about his body and that is something other men would love to have happen for them. Is it possible for you and I to get in the same great shape Brad did for these roles? You bet it is ….. just keep reading  and I’ll teach you what it takes to get the lean “Hollywood Look”.      If you’d like to jump to the head of the line to find out now simply click on the video below.

Get In Shape Like Brad Pitt

The workout that he followed sculpted abs that are ripped and arms that look strong and cut. It also gave is chest muscles a very “chiseled appearance. The strategy with his workouts was to focus on one group of muscles per day, then giving that group the rest of the week off for recovery.  Since the muscle growth takes place during rest periods rather than during the actual exercise, this downtime is extremely important for building muscle mass. Some people think they have to work all the muscles daily to get a fantastic body but that is a misconception.

Several times per week, Pitt took part in a cardio workouts as well. This helped his body to burn more fat than just those workout sessions that focused on target regions. This cardio part of the workout is what builds the chiseled look and definition in the muscles. This part of the workout also provides a boost to the metabolism and allows the body to gain muscle definition in less time.

The Brad Pitt workout isn’t easy, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be done. You want to pay close attention to your body though so you don’t injure yourself. This isn’t the type of workout for someone who is a beginner.

If you are just starting out,  take it slowly at first and work your way up in increments. For example:

  • If the workout says to use 50 pound weights, start with 25 pounds
  • If it states that you need to go at it for 2 minutes straight.. start with 45 seconds for the first 3 or 4 days then increase the time in 30 second increments.
  • If the workouts recommend a one minute break between cardio exercises, give yourself 2 minutes at first.
  • And so on…

The overall workout is very intense but if you can stick with it you will soon see results. You will be able to eliminate fat and replace it with strong muscles that are well defined.

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Working on one area of the body per day can really help with your overall focus. The Brad Pitt workout involves sessions for the arms, legs, back, chest, core of the body, cardio, and stretching. All of this works as an overall unit to aid with creating the body you want. It is going to help with eliminating fat and increasing muscle mass. Following the routine as it is outlined though is very important if this is going to work for you so don’t look for shortcuts.

There are many forms of exercise that can be done in order to complete the Brad Pitt workout. Being able to follow each of them exactly is very important. That way you can gain the most overall benefits from them. At the same time it will prevent you from being at a high risk of getting injured as you follow them.

Stretching before and after every each workout session is something that Brad follows diligently, and is strongly recommended . This will help warm up the muscles so that they are less likely to get pulled. If you hurt a muscle during the workout sessions then you will have a harder time accomplishing your goals. Keeping the body healthy allows you to continue pushing forward with sculpting your body.

According to Pitt, his body is all his own in the movies you see. He doesn’t use a double for any of it. He feels he worked very hard to create that body and it was time to show it off in his roles. He also states that he accomplished that look all on his own with hard work and the help of various trainers and dieticians. He never relied on any performance enhancement substances. There have been plenty of rumors that his body was the result of steroids but he adamantly denies those rumors.

In order to have enough energy and to keep fat from being stored, the Brad Get Shrink Wrapped AbsPitt workout includes a low carb, high protein diet. Eating well balanced meals and several snacks throughout the day ensures that the body will have enough energy for the intensity of such workout sessions. The extra protein offers more energy and it also helps the muscles that have been worked to repair and to grow. The target is four meals a day and that will also pack on some pounds in terms of overall muscle mass.


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